7 Cult Movie Stars Who Are Actually Super Awesome

    because not everyone is stacey dash

    by · March 14, 2016

    Photo courtesy of United Artists.

    There’s a certain kind of allure in being a cult movie star. On one hand, you’re successful and have a devoted following, but on the other, you aren’t hounded by the paparazzi and tabloid culture on a daily basis. You can, essentially, stop acting for a while to pursue other interests without Hollywood (and the public) going berserk. Some celebs shoot for the moon but fail to land among the stars. (We were all rooting for you, Stacey Dash!) Some go on to use their platform to rally and advocate for social change. Some, after working in Hollywood, move on to college, and then lead a life you or I lead. (Okay, you can’t really escape being The Shining twins. Nor should you want to.)

    Ahead, seven of those cult movie stars you recognize, and what they’re doing today.

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