Illustrated by Jihyang Lim

8 Of Our Favorite Doughnuts From Around The Country

We’re nuts for doughnuts

by Hafeezah Nazim

In honor of National Doughnut Day, the NYLON editors bring you a list of our favorite places to go when we're in need of some good old DLC (doughnut love n' care). Whether small or large, filled with jelly or cream, drizzled with chocolate or glazed to perfection, our love for doughnuts will be in our hearts (and tummies) forever. Check out our top picks, below.

Taylor Bryant, Web Editor

Doughnut: Sugar, maple, and glazed doughnuts from Donut Savant in Oakland, California.

Taste test: While on vacation, I ordered the tinier versions (they have more normal-sized ones) because I'm always hesitant about ordering food I haven't tried before. As soon as I took my first bite, though, I knew this was a mistake. I should've ordered at least six more. For starters, it was the softest doughnut I've ever tried. It actually melted in my mouth, which is such a cliche, but it's not one I actually thought could apply to doughnuts. I didn't order "exciting" flavors by any means, but I was still blown away by the flavor. I vented about my obsession to my friend when we met up later in the day, insisting that we visit it again the next day. Sadly, it was closed, and I remained slightly disappointed for the remainder of my trip.

For: Anyone who appreciates good doughnuts.

Bee Hill, Social Media Director

Doughnut: Hibiscus doughnut from Dough Doughnuts in Brooklyn, New York.

Taste test: All of Dough's doughnuts are delicious, so it's always difficult to decide which one to get. However, I find myself drawn to the hibiscus, time and time again, not only because it's a sweet and tangy fried dough dream, but also because it's pink. Who doesn't want a pink doughnut?? 

For: For the badass boss lady who deserves a treat because she's been working so hard. 

Kristin Iversen, Digital Deputy Editor

Doughnut: Almond coconut and cinnamon sugar doughnut from Bennett's Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, Florida.

Taste test: One is nutty and perfectly sweet (without being overbearing), and the other has a gently spiced sweetness that I can't get enough of; both of these doughnuts are the perfect complement to a cup of black coffee. My favorite is the Almond Coconut, though, because I love the almond icing and the coconut shreds give the doughnut a tropical kick. Just get to Bennett's early because lines form, and they are long and move slowly. But it's so worth it.

For: Anyone who loves coconut cream pie, snickerdoodle cookies, or just delicious things, in general.

Austen Tosone, Assistant Editor

Doughnut: "Big-Poppa Tart" doughnut from Las Vegas Donut Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taste test: The doughnut is rectangular because it has an entire Pop-Tart inside of it. There's nothing like two dreamy foods coming together to make one superfood.

For: Anyone who likes Pop-Tarts, doughnuts, and happiness.

Sydney Gore, Assistant Digital Editor

Doughnut: Original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

Taste test: A sweet little circle of heaven that is glazed to perfection.

For: Everyone.

Jenna Igneri, Assistant Digital Editor

Doughnut: "Dirt" doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon.

Taste test: Literally heaven. It's so simple: vanilla cream frosting and crushed Oreos on a raised yeast doughnut—but I've never tasted anything that incredible.

For: The cookies n' cream ice cream enthusiast.

Irina Grechko, Digital Managing Editor

Doughnut: Lavender and maple bacon doughnuts from Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken in Washington, D.C.

Taste test: Deliciously fluffy and warm and proof that fried chicken and doughnuts are truly the perfect pairing.

For: Those not afraid of calories.

Kayla Kern, Art Director

Doughnut: "CHART TOPPER," a cake doughnut topped with peanut butter and sriracha, from Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Taste test: I find most doughnuts too sweet these days, but this is the perfect classic cake doughnut with a twist.

For: Those who are looking for something new.