the month didn’t just bring us flowers, but some seriously awesome outfits too.

by nylon

Now that award show season is winding down, we're able to focus once more on the outfits that really matter: what we see on the street. Of course, sometimes that street is a red carpet. Or the fields of Coachella. Or some awesome party. But wherever we saw it, it provided us with some serious sartorial inspiration.

We combed through the winners from the month of April--see them all in one place right here (or even better, follow our Best Dressed Pinterest board so you always know about each day's addition)--and picked our five favorites.

All that's left? For you to check them all out and vote on a winner we can crown Best Dressed in April in the comments section below!

Rebecca Willa Davis (Executive Web Editor): Oh Land

"Of all the Best Dressed winners that we had this month, no one had me thinking, 'I would wear this every single day," quite like Oh Land. Maybe it's the quirky tiger print Kenzo dress, or perhaps the juxtaposition of crazy prints (love my crazy prints). Or maybe that it's got a vintage edge without looking too costume-y, but if I got my hands on this outfit I don't think I'd ever take it off."

Ray Siegel (Senior Web Editor): Behati Prinsloo

"I'm aware that models look good in everything, so awarding them title of Best Dressed is basically cheating. But every now and again there's a model, a la Kate Moss, whose off-duty outfits completely kill it--regardless of how perfect the body wearing said insanely cool outfit happens to be. Prinsloo is quickly climbing the ranks as one of those kinds of dressers. Last week she had the most perfectly laid-back outfit, which looked like a girly version of a character from The Sandlot. I loved the outfit so much, in fact, that I'm about to go to my closet to gather all of the correct components required to copy the look exactly."

Ali Hoffman (Web Editor): Kate Bosworth

"Trust me, I totally get it if you're sick of hearing about festival fashion. But I blame this frustration entirely on bad festival fashion, which has completely flooded our computers screens/grass fields, and made it nearly impossible to spot the rare gem of an outfit. Thankfully there's Kate Bosworth, the queen of the stylish Woodstock revival, who we can pretty much use as a barometer for all things music festival chic. Spotted above at Coachella in Topshop's yet-to-be-released "Topshop Festival" collection, the blonde actress once again killed it, proving there's still reason to scan through all those overwhelming maxi skirts and hemp bikini tops."

Kirsten Stamn (Daily Newsletter Editor): Leelee Sobieski

"For nighttime, I'm all about the simple looks. And when Leelee showed up for the New Museum's spring gala she just knocked it out of the freakin' park: the achingly perfect skirt whose slit is cut just high enough to really show off her killer legs (but not so much as to be too over-the-top) paired with a plain oversize white tee and some seriously awesome shoes. No jewelry, just red lipstick. I really can't get over it. She looks chic yet casual, sophisticated yet fun, and totally approachable."

Taylor Irwin (Web Intern): Cara Delevingne

"Every fiber of my '90s-obsessed being swoons over this outfit. With her signature "Homies" beanie and leather leggings, Miss Delevingne's throwback street style gets an A-plus from me."