our top five most stylish of the month!

by nylon

Today's the last day of November, which means a few things to us:

1.    We can check out monthly horoscope from Susan Miller tomorrow.

2.    We should start brainstorming our New Year's resolutions.

3.    It's time to look back at the month as a whole, and do some serious scrutinizing on who should be nominated as this month's Best Dressed   (i.e. the best best dressed).

So after a bit a of a debate, we decided to be as democratic about it as we possibly could and pick their own own personal favorite. 

Check out who we think are the top five Best Dressed for November, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments section below!

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Rebecca Willa Davis (Online Executive Editor): Marion Cotillard

“My look is more rolled-out-of-bed than ruling-the-red-carpet, but Marion Cotillard has me re-thinking my outfit ethos with this amazing ensemble. It's sleek, it's cool, and it also looks really comfortable--who doesn't love a gown with pockets?!”

Ray Siegel (Senior Web Editor): Alexa Chung

“I can't even fully emphasize how awesome I think this outfit is—it has everything: quirkiness, coolness, lime-ness, and most important, Valentino-ness. On the other hand, have we ever not liked an A. Chung outfit, haircut, or shoe? It's impossible. She's the most consistent Best Dressed candidate we've got—a girl we can always rely on. Alexa Chung for President! Or rather...British Prime Minister!”

Ali Hoffman (Web Editor): Kate Moss

“To me Kate Moss will always embody that older girl in high school we all knew.  You know, the one who took cool to a whole other level, causing everything she wore and every guy she dated to skyrocket to the top of everyone else's must have list? Well Moss is the epitome of that girl to me, and this leopard print and taxI cab yellow pairing really proves it.” 

Estefanie Duque (Web Programmer): Miranda Kerr

“This outfit really works for Kerr in particular, but at the same time there are a lot of styling tips anyone can take from it.  I like how she layers the denim shirt over a sweater, and I like that she isn't wearing any distracting prints or patterns. Most of all though, this is a really smart and easy way TO look a little more dressed up, and still be totally casual.”

Sarah Wasilak (Online Editorial Intern): Rihanna

“Leave it to Rihanna to rock actual menswear and look just as glamorous as the girls in red carpet gowns. She's sporting a striped tunic and pants from Acne's spring 2013 Menswear collection, but I love how she adds a feminine touch with grey pumps and a bright red lip. It's the ultimate borrow-from-the-boys outfit and it's fully inspired all of the boxy sweaters and collared button-ups on my holiday wish list.”