fashion week gets its own card game!

by liza darwin

Confession: during poker nights in college, I always lost at Texas Hold 'Em (somehow my facial expressions always gave my hand away!). But now these lame card skills don't even matter, thanks to the newest game on the market.

It's called "Fashion Face Off," and it comes courtesy of London's Magma Books. Think of it as poker for the fashion set, pitting the most iconic dresses, shoes, and bags from the runways against each other.

This means Louboutin's classic red-soled heels battle it out against the Hermes Kelly and Balenciaga's structured frocks, all based on categories like "timeless appeal," "trendsetting potential," and "top eBay bids."

With watercolor illustrations and research by fashion industry vets Erin Petson and Maia Adams, this fun pastime-slash-beautiful coffee table accessory is guaranteed to trump boring old card games any day...or at the very least, up the ante on your shopping list.

Buy it here.