The Best Makeup For You, Based On Your Aura Color

    Channel your inner energy while looking your best

    by · March 25, 2016

    If you’re someone who religiously reads your horoscope or goes to an occasional tarot card reading, then you’re probably well aware that getting your aura photographed and read is all the rage these days.

    For the newbies, what it comes down to is the belief (that many scientists and quantum physicists agree on) that all things in the universe emit energy. The human aura is a bioenergy field that surrounds the body, and spiritual healers believe that it can say a lot about the state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being—and even the state of one’s health.

    Using special bioelectric technologies, it’s possible to actually detect the energy you’re emitting. There are a few ways to detect and “photograph” your energy—the most known being Kirlian photography, an electrographic recording technique. However, nowadays if you were going to get your aura photographed, you’ll place your hand on a metal box, that’s actually a galvanometer (an instrument used to detect electrical current), that measures the resistance in your hand. This reading is then processed in color, thus showing a colorful interpretation of the energy your body is emitting.

    Each color has a different meaning, and allegedly can paint a picture of what overall state you’re in. Whether you’re an aura skeptic or a true believer, it’s certainly a fun way to interpret your feelings.

    If you’ve gotten a reading recently, or plan to in the near future, we rounded up the best new makeup products that coincide with the shade of your aura (based on the seven main colors), so you can channel your energy and look good.

    Click through the gallery to check out each color, and don’t forget to find your local metaphysical shop or holistic center to book a reading.

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