The 8 Best Memes From 2016... So Far

    Oh shit! Whaddup?

    by · June 23, 2016

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    Memes make the world go around. They are gifts of the internet, here to be reproduced, retweeted, reblogged, and shared. They are cultural pillars that keep us grounded, sane, and a little uncomfortable. You know when you see something that you shouldn’t be laughing at, but do? That’s the space memes occupy. You need them to keep you on your toes and alert. Between Dat Boi and blurry Mr. Krabs, 2016 has spawned some of the strangest, most peculiar of humorous movements. Oftentimes, they are such nonsense that they make sense. That’s the paradox of the meme, after all: weird, wonderful internet friends you love and hate at the same time; you can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them either. So, let’s say “whaddup” to the best eight of the year so far. Get to know them. Learn to love them. Relationships aren’t forever, but memes are.

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