the top 10 korean beauty products you need now

just trust us on this one.

by liza darwin

Unless you've been living under a rock, actively avoiding A.) the internet B.) makeup counters, or C.) all of the above, then by now you should know all about the genius that is BB Cream. The skin-perfecting beauty staple has long been a favorite in Korea, but within the past few years it's finally made its way stateside, and we couldn't be more relieved.

However, BB Cream isn't the only awesome cosmetic to come out of Korea--the country is so chock-full of effective products that brands like Urban Outfitters are stocking entire sections devoted to them. (It doesn't help that the packaging happens to be seriously adorable...). 

All the great options out there can be overwhelming, so we did the tough work for you and rounded up the best of the best. And don't worry--they're all available to buy online, so you can score them wherever you live. How's that for going global?

See our picks here!

Aromatica Orange Sherbert: This crazy-unique cleanser hybrid starts out solid, then later melts into a liquid to remove dirt and oil. 

Lioele V-Line Sleeping Pack: It's a liquid that goes on smooth, then water droplets form on your skin for extra moisture. You'll wake up in the morning feeling 100-percent refreshed and awake (no matter how many times you hit snooze).  

Clio Gelpresso Melting Lipstick: This super-smooth formula leaves lips soft (and lasts forever!). But the reason we REALLY love them is their traffic-stopping colorway.

Etude Bright Eyed Patch: Wake up your eyes in a major way with these sticky patches (that defintiely won't hurt when you peel them off, promise).

Skinfood Avocado Leave-In Fluid:  Swap out your average leave-in conditioner and give your hair a double does of moisture with this creamy formula instead. Who knew avocados were so versatile?!

Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel: Goes on easily, peels right off, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. We can get down with that.

Etude Universal Pencil Sharpener: Never have to deal with a dull lipliner, eyeliner, or brow pencil again. Genius.

Skin79 Super BB Cream: Everyone knows that the BB craze originated in Korea, so head back to the roots with this tinted moisturizer/concealer/skin perfecting hybrid.

CLIO Lip Plumping Pencil: This set delivers long-lasting color and an instant oomph (sans the annoying tingling that often comes with plumping products).

Holika Holika Lip Balm: Besides the adorable packaging, the set comes with two options (one that's tinted and one clear) so you can layer 'em or give to a friend.