BEST OF 2012: TV

we didn’t spend all year watching these shows, but we kind of wish we did.

by nylon


"I still can't believe I'm watching this show so feverishly, but I attribute it to T Bone Burnett's music and that naughty Juliette Barnes (as channeled by Hayden Panettiere). There's a lot of great acting here in general, especially from newcomers Clare Bowen and Jonathan Jackson. Team Scarlett!" --Ashley Baker, executive editor


"Do I really need to break this down? From Shohanna to Adam, the characters on this show would make me insane in real life, but on TV I will happily watch them for hours on end and laugh out loud the entire time." --Ali Hoffman, web editor

The Voice

"I think

The Voice

is really amazing--I was rooting for Melanie Martinez. Love her voice. Don't love Xtina's hair however--but I forgive her for such mistakes as her voice is one of the best!" --Dani Stahl, style editor-at-large


"Even though I'm having a hard time watching Claire Danes cry every week it's still the intense depiction of the CIA ever and the best show on TV right now." --Ray Siegel, senior web editor

Walking Dead

--Nick Bloom-Scaglione, digital art director

Girls and Nashville



, easy breezy. But I also like


. It's kind of like that SNL skit 'The Californians' except it's set in Tennessee and they're not joking." --Mallory Rice, senior editor

New Girl

"OK, if no one else is going there, I will: Week in and week out,

New Girl

is reliably funny and totally endearing. Forget your Zooey hate, because every other character more than makes up for it. (Although I will never, ever forgive them for the term 'adorkable'.) And not to go with the easy pun, but


comes in at a close second." --Rebecca Willa Davis, executive web editor