insta files friday: food, inc.

the best nyc restaurants you need to be following.

by liza darwin; picks by cyndi ramirez

Welcome to Insta Files Friday, where we'll give you an insight to some of Instagram's craziest/weirdest/coolest/fill-in-the-blank sub-cultures. We'll tell you Insta accounts you need to look out for and why. All you have to do is click "Follow" and we guarantee your feed will get a lot more interesting. Also don't forget to follow us @NYLONMag for instant updates on all things of-late and great. Now get scrolling!

We've all been there: it's late Sunday morning, we're scrolling through photo after photo of a brunch shot on Instagram. You know the drill, and, no matter how high your tolerance is for food pictures, it can get annoying. But while friends flaunting the fact that they're eating five-cheese macaroni at Freeman's is one thing, our favorite New York restaurant Instagrams prove they're anything but amateurs.

These 10 feeds not only have more than enough food porn, they also come full of celeb sightings, behind-the-scenes snaps, and inspo for your next meal...no matter whether you decide in or out.

Buvette, @BuvetteNYC

What you’ll find on their feed: French pastries, coffee art, and #regrams.

Pagani, @PaganiNYC

What you’ll find on their feed: Bangin’ pasta and seafood, happy hour announcements, and Sean Connery.

The Fat Radish, @TheFatRadish

What you’ll find on their feed: Veggie porn, pretty ladies, and the occasional LES pup.

The Meatball Shop, @Meatballers

What you’ll find on their feed: Ice cream sandwiches, boozy cocktails, and meatballs (duh.)

Jack’s Wife Freda, @JacksWifeFreda

What you’ll find on their feed: #FromAbove brunch shots, coffee with sugar, and the owners being adorable.

Lupa Osteria, @LupaOsteria

What you’ll find on their feed: Beautiful pasta shots, videos of food preparation (restaurants need more of these), and the occasional wine reminder.

Maison Premiere, @MaisonPremiere

What you’ll find on their feed: Gorgeous garden shots, drool-worthy cocktails, and shellfish for days.

Salud, @SaludNYC

What you’ll find on their feed: Watermelons, Smoothies, and celebrity drop-ins.