all photos by haylee barsky

the best rooftop pools in nyc

take a dip.

As die-hard New Yorkers, we believe that our city (read: The City) has it all—bright lights, fresh talent, cool art galleries, awesome music venues, the list can go on and on. But you catch us at a particularly vulnerable time, like on 100+ degree days, and we'll cave and admit one devastating, but true fact. Even though we're right on the coast and Manhattan is techincally an island, we're seriously lacking in some aquatic cool-off spaces. After all, there are some days when the hour-long commute to the Rockaways is too much to bother with. And if you're planning on making the trek to Montauk, you're almost required to devote an entire weekend to laying beachside. Who's got time for that?

After searching high and low for some solutions, we remembered: the rooftop pool. The only problem? An awesome poolside spot isn't easy to come by. So we scoured the city to find some super chill spots for you, your bikini, your August NYLON, and a good beach read. Don't forget the sunscreen! 


We recommend that you visit the SIXTY LES rooftop, stat. Spend Warhol's birthday weekend contemplating pop art and the American dream on candy-striped chaise lounges, then be sure to snap an underwater selfie with the man himself.

La Piscine at Hotel Americano

Barely gettin' by on that 9 to 5? Play hooky and cruise on over to Chelsea's La Piscine. The pool's open to the public Monday to Friday with the purchase of a $40 day pass and food and drinks are available to order.

McCarren Hotel & Pool

The only thing better than a rooftop pool is one filled with salt water. McCarren's got one—one of the largest pools in NYC, to be exact—along with tons of sun beds and cool parties.