watch your step

buy these shoes now, wear them all fall long.

by liza darwin

No matter where you live, shoe shopping in the summer is tricky. Flip-flops are a no-go in most cities (dirty feet aren't a great look) and as cute as they are, nobody wants to be sweating in black leather ankle boots when it's 90 degrees outside.

So just in time for the summer sale season, we've done the legwork for you (yes, pun intended) and pored the internet for the cutest, most practical kicks to wear from August all the way through fall. Pair them with skirts or cut-offs now, and or sport them with pants or tights in just a couple of months.

These are double-duty necessities guaranteed to get your money's worth. Um, not that you really needed an excuse to buy them, or anything....

MM6 Loafers--$545




Forever 21--$24.80

Pixie Market--$95

Dr. Martens--$120


Modern Vice--$325

Madewell Loafers--$157

Play Comme Des Garcons--$100