sneakers, graffiti, and super-fuzzy wool…

by sarah wasilak

Just when you thought you had worn your UGG boots down to their soles, we gave you a reason to go out and replace them. The label's spring transformation was unexpected. There was leather and lace, wedges and wooden heels – and you probably couldn't throw them on with a pair of sweats to grab Sunday morning brunch.

While the collection was a step towards high fashion, the brand's signature fluffy interior was missing. But now UGG has collaborated with Claw Money, a famous female graffiti artist whose signature paw graphic has been everywhere from the streets of Brooklyn to the walls of contemporary art galleries. The resulting partnership is something a little more our speed – super cute sneakers you can wear with denim or a casual dress. Yes, they are lined with fur, and we bet you can't say the same for your other pairs of high tops.

The shoes feature suede upper detail in black or a really pretty plum, and are plastered with Claw Money's ‘W' claw that you've probably seen graffitied all over New York – or maybe an awesome pair of Vans? You've got a choice of the Classic Mini Graffiti ($140) or the more colorful Stella Graffiti ($150), and you've also got the option of choosing a matching Claw Money scarf- just in case feeling all warm and fuzzy isn't the only thing on your style agenda.