The 12 Best Places On The Internet For Beauty Buffs

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    by · December 07, 2016
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    Images via Getty Images and Anthony Boyd

    The internet is where beauty fans go to tap into their best selves. It’s where news of the latest hair trends live, the home to product launches galore, and the source of inspiration for some of your best, most inventive looks. It’s a safe space for people to stan over the color payoff of eyeshadow swatches or the expertly applied flick of someone’s cat eye. It’s an arena that’s evolved, shape-shifted, and grown more than we ever imagined possible.

    While, sure, you could default to the usual suspects: Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, or Vogue (no shade) for your cosmetic content, but there is a world beyond. For those looking to add some new, niche bookmarks to have on standby, click on through. The world could always use a little bit more beauty.

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