Shear Genius: A Better Shave For Curly Hair By Bevel

One man’s quest to save his own face solves the ingrown hair problem.

by Michael Valencia

Curly haired dudes have a lot to deal with, and it doesn't end with what's on top. Facial scruff can also prove problematic, especially when it comes to ingrown hairs. Those oft-used multi-blade razors actually cut beneath the skin's surface, leaving kinky re-growth with no clear path of escape. The result is a rash of bumps, irritation, and discomfort. In the past, there were two alternatives: Go the Grizzly Adams route, or try another equally undesirable removal method (depilatory cream, anyone?). One man's quest to save his own face resulted in a solution to all that.more

You can thank Tristan Walker and his Bevel shaving line, which is designed to address the perils of shaving coarse, curly hair. The star product is a double-edge safety razor that does the job without overcutting, thereby reducing the likelihood of ingrowns. When used with Bevel's specially formulated accoutrements—pre-shave oil, exfoliating badger brush and shave cream, and hydrating balm—those who have felt the pain of the blade will think of their curls as less of a curse.