Beyoncé Saves Eminem’s New Song From Sinking

It’s called “Walk On Water”

Beyoncé would like you to know that she is, indeed, human. She hops on the chorus of Eminem's new song, "Walk On Water," declaring that the only time she ever does do that is when said water is frozen. Uh, okay. Then what the heck do you call the soaked finale of her Formation World Tour, huh?

Anyway, Bey distancing herself from God-like comparisons that get hurled her way isn't particularly new. During the aforementioned Formation World Tour, the phrases "GOD IS GOD / I AM NOT" flashed across the big screens during "Don't Hurt Yourself." Here, she's expanding on that false idol worship while Eminem sort of does the same. He's more into self-deprecation, though. (Do we really need to use the "R" word? You know, the one that's insensitively used to connotate something stupid?) Beyoncé is the song's saving grace. She brings a lightness to Em's vulgarity, delivering more humanizing emotions through her gospel vibes than his bitter ones.

Fame, guys. It ain't all it's cracked up to be, but hey, we knew that already thanks to that other Eminem song—the one he calls out at the end of this one—"Stan."

Listen to "Walk On Water," Eminem's first single off of his new Revival album, below.