Impress Your Parents With This Euphoric Beyoncé + ‘Hamilton’ Mashup

Just in time for Thanksgiving

by daniel barna

If there are any two cultural forces we've been dying to see align, it's Beyoncé and Hamilton. Well, it looks like we finally got our wish. The L.A based artist Michael Korte teamed with arranger Jared Jenkins on #HAM4BEY, a 7-minute Beyoncé-Hamilton mashup that has set the internet on fire.

The 7-minute clip combines songs from the ultra-popular musical with some of the biggest hits from Queen Bey's catalogue, for a riveting medley perfect for Thanksgiving weekend family sing-alongs. Featuring vocals from singers Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee, Jamond McCoy, Vincint, and India Carney, the viral clip combines songs like “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot” from Lin Manuel-Miranda's iconic songbook, with some of Bey's biggest hits. “Survivor,” “Helpless,” and “Countdown” are all reimagined here, which has us thinking. Will Miranda and Beyoncé make the world stop by writing a musical together? Now that's something we could really be thankful for.

Watch the most wonderful pop culture mashup you've ever seen, above.