Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj “Feeling Myself” Music Video

kitty on fleek

Beyoncé changed the game with that digital drop. Now she and Nicki Minaj are trying to change the game some more by quietly dropping their music video for “Feeling Myself”—a track off Minaj's Pink Print—via the hyped-up (and ridiculed) streaming service Tidal. If ever there was a reason to shell out the Benjamins for a streaming service, a joint Yoncé x Minaj video featuring a shameless amount of butts and mock-groping would be it. And you best believe “Feeling Myself” has that and more.

Shot during this year's Coachella, the new video could double as a tutorial for fun new ways to rock jersey wear. The duo also swap jackets because a true squad only runs with one of a kind. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism! (Or is it...?)

Anyway, it’s gratuitously enjoyable. (GoT's Maisie Williams agrees.) Rapper Beyoncé is always a treat and she’s out in full force here. Plus, there's some pretty sweet off-guard moments involving Now & Laters that we would honestly watch hours of if they ever decided to make a reality show. (Hey, there's an idea, Tidal!) Carry on, ladies. Carry on.