get stung with duwop’s new indigo lip venom.

by liza darwin

Attention: anyone who's ever obsessed over Lindsey Wixson's inflated pout. DuWop's famous lip venom is at it again with a new and improved version.

"Blue Venom" is infused with the same plumping oils of the original, as well as ingredients like cinnamon, avocado, and wintergreen. But this time around, the gloss comes in a light indigo tint that whitens the appearance of teeth. It's a hue that's effective enough to tell a difference (our teeth did seem slightly brighter) but isn't so obvious that people will mistake your cool lips for frostbite.

And for those who believe in the "beauty is pain" philosophy, the brand's signature tingly, slightly-stingy feeling hasn't gone anywhere. After all, it wouldn't be Lip Venom without it.

Buy it in March.