Graphic by Lindsay Hattrick


Big Dick Energy And Big Dyke Energy, Explained

An important PSA

by Sandra Song

If you've been on the internet at all today, you've likely seen a flood of tweets about something called "big dick energy." The idea of big dick energy (hereafter, referred to as "BDE") has already launched a flood of think pieces and bad Twitter jokes—and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what is it exactly?

The term appears to have gained traction thanks to Twitter user @babyvietcong who, while outlining Pete Davidson's appeal to Ariana Grande, determined that it probably came down to a handful of pertinent factors. He's a classic Scorpio bad boy on the surface, appears to be an adoring pile of mush on the inside when it comes to Grande, and just "exudes big dick energy," or the energetic signature of someone who is so self-assured in their sex appeal that you can't help but pass them by in the street and go, "Damn, they fuck."

That said, there are obviously many different levels of BDE, and the buzz currently surrounding the term has stoked quite the debate, with many deliberating on the relative BDE of well-known figures like the Trivago guy or Tony the Tiger. 

While we'd never police who (or... what) you believe to have BDE, what isn't up for debate is that people in possession of BDE are objectively magnetic. Is it because they're the hottest person you've ever seen? No, not necessarily. The coolest person? No, not necessarily. The cloutiest? Hell no. BDE should not be confused with being in possession of the surface-level signifiers typically associated with masculine virility or bravado, whether that be big wads of cash, fancy cars, or name brand designers. In fact, I'd argue it's the opposite. BDE comes from within, because, as the old adage goes, a quiet brand of confidence is what makes someone truly fascinating (and, in this case, fuckable).

It should also go without saying that BDE isn't actually about actual dicks and that this type of sex appeal transcends gender. This is why we can all agree that Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan are definitely in possession of BDE. And this is likely why an alternate, but just as potent, BDE has emerged: Big Dyke Energy.

Whatever term you prefer to use (and, honestly, they're interchangeable), both, at their core, operate on a level of undeniable sexual magnetism, plain and simple. It's a mysterious, sensual appeal that is difficult to quantify or articulate, but underlying it all seems to be the idea that, in addition to being attractive as hell, those with BDE are also, at their core, good people. Those with BDE are the polar opposite of the soft boy. Whereas the soft boy is surface-level performative and tends to act from a place of insecurity, those with BDE are quietly confident because they know they're undeniably sexy. There's no fronting, no posturing—just an earnest, honest to god thirst trap. So the only question left is, where do we find some BDE?