Billy On The Street Screams At Sarah Jessica Parker About ‘Sex And The City 2’

he has had it…up to here…no, here.

Billy Eichner’s on the street and he’s got a microphone, so you know what that means: screaming! Well, that and another episode of Billy on The Street.

In today’s little snippet of the high-volume, sidewalk-based celebrity quiz show, Eichner isn’t terrorizing the good people of New York City with the help of Will Ferrell. No, instead he’s terrorizing one person: Sex And The City star and multipurpose icon Sarah Jessica Parker. And, let’s just make this clear, he’s not terrorizing her in a bad way. Rather, he’s terrorizing her in a good way (didn’t think that was possible, didja?).

Yes, Eichner delivers a stirring defense of the critically lambasted Sex And The City 2 that, perhaps coming out of a different mouth with a different delivery, would be a gentle—if profane and cutting—reminder that the movie was as much a female fantasy as Star Wars was a male fantasy. It’s an interesting theory and SJP herself seems…is “interested” the right word here?

Click play and decide for yourself. Also, this is probably the first—and likely last—defense of SATC2 you’ll ever need (or want). Stay tuned for question time!