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need to breakup with your significant other? there’s an app for that

love in the 21st century

Someone one said that breaking up in person is the worst way to breakup with someone. Their reason seemed simple: You set a time and place, get dressed up, and meet all in the name of ending a relationship. But putting in all that effort is a thing of the past: Now, you can just say what you're going to say in a text. 

The story seemed silly at the time—insensitive even—but it was told in jest at a storytelling slam. Well, the story's a reality and there's an app to prove it. Sigh. So. Much. Sigh.

It's called Binder. Tennet Lager, the app's creator, clearly based the name off Tinder…and a trash bin. (Because that's where all exes go, right? The trash?) Anyway, the app "makes [getting rid of your ex] just as easy [as finding someone online]." It asks the gender of your soon-to-be ex, their name, phone number, and even has the option to upload their photo(!), a nice touch. There's a portion where you select an excuse, too. And when all is said and done, you swipe them away—literally! The binned person will receive a text soon after. And, according to Cosmopolitan, a phone call from a European fellow singing how much the ex "sucked." Tasteful? Not in the least bit. 

Take our advice: Save some face and do it in person. It'll make a better human out of you. 

(via Cosmopolitan)