Björk Achieves Peak Björk With This Stunning Video

“Notget” was originally shown in VR

Leave it to Björk to push the music video to brave new frontiers. The Icelandic singer has just made public the dazzling video for her song “Notget,” off of 2015’s Vulnicura. We say made public because the clip was actually shown for the first time at last year’s Airwaves Festival in Iceland, in virtual reality form. VR, of course, is the wave of the future, so leave it to Björk to ride that wave before any other musicians of her caliber, And while the version of “Notget” that you can watch below is not a 360-degree, fully immersive sensory experience (aka VR), it is still a technologically wondrous piece of work.

The piece, which features a fully CGI Björk, was directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, who used motion capture technology to put the singer in a surreal dreamscape filled with floating rocks and incandescent tendrils. In true Björk form, she’s wearing intricate masks and headpieces that were designed by her along with James Merry. It culminates with Björk’s body exploding with bursts of light as the song climaxes, and the whole video fades to white. It’s all very—how should we put this—Björk. Watch the video above.