Black Keys Bullett in the Brain

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by nylon

"Bullet In The Brain" --The Black Keys

If you're in need of a moody throwback-sounding jam, you're in luck. The Black Keys just played "Bullet In The Brain," off their upcoming album, Turn Blue, on Radio 1, and it has all the mid-'00s stylings you've missed: catchy bass, mellow guitar, and Dan Auerbach's talk-y vocals. STEFF YOTKA

"Need U"-- Oceaan

There's a nostalgia embedded into the new single from Manchester singer-producer Oceaan, one that weaves hip-hop beats and R&B melodies with flowy pop choruses. The result is a tripped-out minimalism that's both old school and current. The song's video, which dropped this week, has a similar vibe--featuring a guy and a girl heading home after separate nights out, it'll make you want to wear tiny earbuds and dance around town 24/7. LIZA DARWIN

"A Sky Full of Stars"--Coldplay

Coldplay recently set fans on a scavenger hunt to find hidden handwritten lyrics from the nine songs that comprise their forthcoming album, Ghost Stories. "A Sky Full of Stars," which was scribbled across a page tucked into a mystery book in a New Zealand library, is an EDM-infused track that still stays true to the British alternative group's pure, organic, and emotional feel. ALEXA PEARCE

"Ocean Death"--Baths

Baths' newest single "Ocean Death" starts off like a gritty future pop heartbeat that refuses to stop beating, but transforms in the second half of the song into an effervescent anthem, with the delicately entrancing background vocals coming to the forefront. AP

"Drums in My Head"--Vinyl Theater

Four-person indie pop group Vinyl Theater hails from Hartford, Winsconsin, but their latest single "Drums In My Head" goes light on the cheese. It’s angst-y but just edgy enough that we don’t care—that nostalgic melancholia has us swaying and headbanging all at once.  AP