Alia Shawkat Appears In Bleachers New Lena Dunham-Directed Video

The aesthetic is top-notch

Getting married is a very big deal. Alia Shawkat makes sure to remind Bleachers frontrunner, Jack Antonoff, of that in the new video for “Don’t Take The Money.” It’s maybe even a bigger deal when the person you’re supposed to marry doesn’t speak English, and you can’t do simple tasks like make lunch plans together. But what does that matter when love is the driving force?!

Funnily enough, Lena Dunham, who's Antonoff’s real-life girlfriend, directed the video, which shows the singer preparing for his big day. Shawkat officiates the ceremony, which is attended by a bunch of pink mannequins, tiny kids, and really cute puppies.

Before Shawkat gets through her remarks, the wedding is crashed by Antonoff’s wife-to-be's ex-lover, who then proceeds to violently beat him up. Talk about a plot twist!

The two end up running away together, in the end, leaving Antonoff passed out and floating in a nearby pool. But it doesn’t seem like they took the money, so, maybe, everything will be just fine.

Watch the colorful and very entertaining wedding gone wrong above.