the two blonde sister rock bands battle it out.

by liza darwin

Last night, Bleech rocked the Lower East Side at the NYLON x Kangol party in NYC. Fronted by sisters Jennifer and Katherine O'Neill, this London three-piece is blonde, stylish, and prove that you can still look cute while dancing onstage barefoot and shredding on the guitar. Not to mention, these girls make the type of scrappy infectious indie-rock that harkens to back to the Brit pop days of the '90s.

The performance marked their U.S. debut, but turns out they're not the only band borrowing their name from the whitening chemical (or Bleach London...?).

We first introduced you to Bleached back in the summer, when we declared their single "Think of You" our July 4th anthem. Yes, they're sisters. And yes, they're also coincidentally blonde. But whereas the former sister act is influenced by the gritty London underground, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin of Bleached make surf-rock that reminds us of California sunshine, days on the beach, and cruises down the PCH with friends.

What's with the new Bleached/Bleech obsession? Check out both bands below and let us know what you think!

Bleech Myspace

Bleached Myspace