harley viera newton blogs for dior!?

by ali hoffman

Could Harley Viera Newton be living proof for college students everywhere an eccentric major is useful in “real life?” The NYU senior just scored a new gig, and it's thanks in part to her studies as a budding Egyptologist.

The House DJ for Dior is now a contributing designer to Dior Beauté, creating a hieroglyphics as motif for a new blotting paper compact. And instead of instantly selling the new product in stores, Dior has given Harley the task of seeding it out to New York and Los Angeles night owls – and occasionally via her Twitter.

For those not fluent in Ancient Egyptian, don't be fooled by the seemingly random placement of the symbols.  “Those hieroglyphics sound out ‘Dior By HVN… the English lettering is underneath,” Harley confirms. “I even had my professor check it!”