blog or bag

hey bloggers - why write about designers when you can be one yourself?

by faran krentcil

Last night, we met a bright young thing named Krystal Simpson. A San Francisco native, Krystal's been chronicling her vintage outfit obsessions on her blog, What Is Reality Anyway, for nearly four years.  And despite her craving for all things '60s and '70s, she's gonna have to mix something current with her impressive retro stash.

Why?  Because Krystal's the latest designer for Coach, creating a bag in collaboration with the handbag line that features her love of leather, fringe, and stripes (the inside is lined with a black-and-white silk pattern). 

"I wanted it to hold everything, I wanted it to look right with every outfit, and I wanted it to be easy and fun for everyone to carry," explains Krystal, "But I also wanted to make sure that everything with a logo is removable.  I don't always want logos on my bags; that can mess with personal style."

Of course, if anyone wants to tag their bags with the NYLON letters, we think that's an exception...


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And visit Krystal at What Is Reality Anyway?