team eric? team edward? drink up, little girls.

by faran krentcil

Red Bull may give you wings, but Fred Flare wants to give you fangs - at least according to their new energy drink. Called "Blood Potion," it's got electrolytes, iron supplements, and basically everything else you'll find in Gatorade.

The difference, of course, is aesthetic.  This juice comes in an IV bag, oozing blood red out of each corner, and featuring an official-looking hospital label on the front.

And though Bill Compton prefers his synthetic blood to be O-Negative, this one is flavored for humans, in fruit punch.  It also comes in lemon-lime - though that one's called Zombie Blood, and far less exciting to those dying to reenact True Blood / Twilight / Let The Right One In.  No judgments...

$8 each at Fred Flare