Blood Orange You’re Not Good Enough

a dance party directed by gia coppola? we’re in.

by liza darwin

Blood Orange's album Cupid Deluxe was one of our favorites of 2013, and now, arguably the best track on the LP gets its very own video. We're talking about "You're Not Good Enough," the groovy retro-tinged duet featuring frontman Dev Hynes' girlfriend Samantha Urbani. 

With a song this addictive, you'd better hope the visuals are equally as awesome...and luckily for all of us, it doesn't disappoint. Directed by Hynes' friend Gia Coppola (who recruited him to score her flick Palo Alto), the video is a swinging dance party bound up into a slick, four-minute package.

And between Hynes' killer white suit, the flowers, and the all-around adorableness, we have more than enough reason to watch it over and over again. Get started below, then go behind-the-scenes here