Sarah Paulson + Mark Duplass Are Long Lost Lovers In The ‘Blue Jay’ Trailer

In theaters October 7

by daniel barna

When it comes to stories about people trying to reconcile who they've become with who they thought they'd be, look no further than Mark Duplass, the talented polymath who's taken his ability to tell tales of suburban malcontent, and turned it into a cottage industry.

We say this, because Duplass and his brother Jay, recently inked a four picture deal with Netflix, giving them total autonomy to do what they do best. The first movie to come out of that deal is Blue Jay, an intimate portrait of former high school sweethearts who reconnect after a chance meeting in the town they grew up in. It stars Duplass and Sarah Paulson as the former lovers, in what looks like a muted pas de deux reminiscent of Richard Linklater's Before trilogy. 

The film's first trailer, which can be seen above, offers us a glimpse into the black-and-white world created by Duplass and first-time director, Alex Lehmann. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, or that you’re not with who you’re supposed to be with, Blue Jay will hit you where it hurts. Check it out when it hits theaters October 7, followed by a VOD release October 11, and then Netflix soon after that. And check back next week, when we’ll have an excusive sit down interview with Mark Duplass himself.