Bob Marley’s Family Would Like to Sell You Some Weed

by nylon

At least he believed in the product.more

Earlier today, Privateer Holdings announced the creation of Marley Natural, the world's first-ever "global cannabis brand." A pioneering private equity firm dealing exclusively in the legal marijuana trade, Privateer is promising "premium cannabis products that honor the life and legacy of Bob Marley," and the late reggae icon's family is super high on the deal.

"My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb,” said Bob's daughter Cedella in a statement. "He viewed the herb as something spiritual that could awaken our well-being, deepen our reflection, connect us to nature and liberate our creativity. Marley Natural is an authentic way to honor his legacy by adding his voice to the conversation about cannabis and helping end the social harms caused by prohibition."

In recent years, the Marley family has lent Bob's name to a spate of products, including headphones and coffee, and as per the press release, Privateer Holdings' shared commitment to certain core values—social change, environmental sustainability and building a professional, responsible and legal cannabis industry—made them a good partner.

In addition to herb, Marley Natural will offer hemp-infused lotions and balms, as well as accessories. No word yet on munchie tie-ins, but if the folks at Funyuns have't put down their frisbees and jumped on the horn, they're sleeping on a golden opportunity. Come to think of it, they're probably just sleeping.

Photo by Gianni Ferrari, Getty Images