Photo courtesy of Bonnie McKee


Bonnie McKee Will Put “Stars In Your Heart” With Her Out Of This World Visual

A little old-school movie magic

Bonnie McKee, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter behind some of Katy Perry’s biggest hits to date, has spent the past three years working on her own image. Today, we're premiering her amazing music video for "Stars In Your Heart." McKee has been sitting on the video for nearly three years, but now, she is finally ready to complete her creative vision by sharing the mind-blowing visual with the world.

"The video is based on one of my favorite cult classic films, the iconic Barbarella," she told us. "I wanted it to feel as authentic as possible, with hand-built optical illusion sets, projections, and classic camera tricks rather than relying on the green screen to capture the zero gravity effect."

"Stars In Your Heart" takes on the aesthetic of vintage outer space—not immaculate computer-generated, high-tech, outer space, but the more charming and nostalgic 1960-cult-classic-film space. According to McKee, the director and crew for the project were as dedicated as she was to maintaining a sense of "old-school movie magic." They even had the set built from scratch and created the psychedelic "outer space" projections out of oil and food coloring.

McKee is beyond thrilled with how the visual came out, and it has made her all the more grateful to be an independent artist. She says, "I love having the freedom to give my art to you uncensored and whenever the hell I feel like it."

Without further ado, McKee wants to wish happy holidays to all the Bonbons out there! This very special never-before-seen video from the vaults is literally just for you. Watch it in full, below.