book club: feminist ryan gosling

as funny as a lolcat, with way more sex appeal…

by nylon

When many girls have a bad day, they have one Tumblr page they know can make it a little better: Feminist Ryan Gosling. A mash-up of the actor's pinup photos and snippets of women's studies philosophy, the site's been an unlikely hit, thanks to its hysterical juxtapositions, and the fact that Ryan Gosling - while undeniably hot - can also make us giggle with some of his trademark goofy faces.

(A recent entry: An airport paparazzi photo of Gosling, with this text: "Hey Girl, I can't believe that guy is using Standpoint Theory to frame The Avengers as a marginalized group." Why is this funny? We don't know, but we can't stop laughing.) Now the blog has its own book, featuring the absurdist "art" of its inventor, Danielle Henderson. It's $12.95, available now, and crammed with photos of Mr. Gosling at his most sensitive / silly / star-tracked. Mercifully, Ms. Henderson has not posted an entry called "Hey Girl, Buy My Book!" on her website. But if she did, we'd probably think that was really funny, too.

Ryan Gosling Feminist Theory, $12.95 online now.