a choose your own adventure novel for the DIY set.

by liza darwin

The titles of Keri Smith's previous books really speak for themselves. After all, when you name your works Mess, Wreck this Journal, and This is Not a Book, you don't really expect these paperbacks to be sitting untouched on the shelf. No, they're meant to be scribbled in, passed around, and taken with you on all your adventures.

The guerrilla artist's latest, the fill-in-the-blank tome Finish This Book, is no exception. One part choose your own adventure novel (remember those?), one part spy journal, and another part DIY project, the reader becomes the co-author from the very beginning, when Smith assigns you your mystery mission.

The coolest part is that each person's final product is totally different, which means that after you're finished, you don't even have to worry about giving away the ending to all your friends.

See? Activity books are so not just for kids....

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