care of magical creatures, no hogwarts enrollment necessary!

by faran krentcil

Luella Bartley named her first catwalk collection, "Daddy, I Want a Pony." That's a common craving for little girls, but we always wanted a unicorn instead.  They're rare, slightly dangerous, and - depending on whom you believe - they can either fly, help create a magic wand, or fart Skittles.  (That last urban myth is rampant on the Internet - we have no idea who started it.)

But before you call your local Humane Society branch and fill out your unicorn adoption papers, you might want to know how to care for the mystical beasts.  Jessica S. Marquis is an expert on such matters, and she's compiled her unicorn knowledge into a book called "Raising Unicorns."

Through her detailed instruction, you'll learn how to feed, bathe, and calm a unicorn, and then in the more advanced chapters, you'll find out how to help your unicorn achieve its true potential.  (Apparently, this involves training it to make it rain cupcakes.)

We're not sure we'd trust Ms. Marquis above Rubeus Hagrid when it comes to such advice, but frankly, Mr. Hagrid hasn't yet released a book about Unis, so this is as good as you're gonna get... for now.

Raising Unicorns, $14 at Urban Outfitters