today’s to do list? buy these journals!

by ali hoffman

For victims of writer's block, a blank sheet of paper can be really intimidating.

Even more daunting: An entire notebook of unmarked pages.

And while we've heard of numerous cures (and even tried a few), none seem to obliterate the problem-- until now.

Enter The Listography Series, a collection of journal-like books determined to get your writing down stuff. Created by Lisa Nolan, the range is intended to make writing lists, recording memories, and keeping track of goals less daunting.

Our favorite: Music Listography, which includes pages like "List The Songs That Drive You Crazy," and even a place to write down your secret guilty pleasure tracks (Leighton Meester's "Summer Girl," anyone?)

Too bad we still don't know what to do with that stack of barely-touched notebooks...

Check 'em all out here!