serious behind-the-scenes photos for beautiful fashion junkies.

by faran krentcil

If you get more kicks watching Seamless and Unzipped than you do on the soccer field, you might want to hunt down a new book from Mulberry. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the massive file of photos and backstage style stories chronicles the brand's history, and its reinvention as an It Girl wardrobe staple.

Besides seeing the current campaign being shot, you'll get a peek at the label's fashion show casting process, hair and makeup preparations, and model moments (hello, Lindsey Wixson!), plus a view of the Mulberry factory, located in the English countryside.

Also, at $90, it's a way cheaper way to get your Alexa Chung fix than the admittedly amazing $1450 metallic bag that's currently in stores.

Get the book at Mulberry.com