the comic book gets an existentialist twist.

by liza darwin

We love Keshni Kashyap's graphic novel Tina's Mouth because the title character is cool. Not "cool" in a high-school popular kind of way, but cool in a better way.

The sophomore is on a first-name basis with Jean-Paul Sartre thanks to an Honors English assignment that requires the class to keep an "existential diary." The result is transformed into this witty graphic novel, which documents everything from drily navigating the cliques of Yarborough High, dealing with her best friend ditching her for a guy, and crushing on a stoned skater bro.

While these typical issues can easily fall into the "seriously, again?" category, here's the thing- this time they don't, thanks to Tina's refreshing spunk and sarcasm. Plus, paired with Mari Araki's whimsical illustrations, coming of age becomes way more entertaining than you'd expect.. She might only be 15, but she has Tina Fey's snarky humor in a teenager's body and we really can't get enough.

It's the type of book you can finish in two days (on the subway, at home, everywhere) and will want to pass along to your friends to read, too. Only make sure you get it back, because we're betting you'll want to devour it again really soon.

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