book club: york

jenny mortsell’s doodles of horses, boys and shoes come to life…

by jazzi mcgilbert

We've got something in common with Swedish-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator Jenny Mörtsell. She, too, got started by filling notebooks with doodles of "horses, boys and shoes." Jenny's doodles, however, were good enough to warrant a master degree in graphic design and illustration, and an actual career as an illustrator for the likes of The New York Times, Phillip Lim, Topshop and even NYLON.

>>Another time Jenny's drawings of shoes came to life with Loeffler Randall

For her latest project, the pro-doodler has set down her pencils and picked up a camera for YORK, a 700+ page photo book chronicling the ups, downs and in-betweens of life in the city - on film. There are hundreds of black & white images featuring the people, places and things of Jenny's NYC-narrative. The fore-edge of the book even includes an awesome bonus image that will officially make this the most enticing book on your coffee table.

Take a peek inside YORK through the video below and pick up a copy for $37 here. Then check out Jenny's art portfolio, because it's rad and might inspire you to up your stick-figure game.