Boombox iPhone Case

blasting beats like the lloyd dobler of 2013

Before I even get into my most favorite Editor's Pick yet, I'm going to need you to play the song below first. Yes, that's right--my Editor's Pick has a soundtrack, and you're going to love it.

Got it on? Good.

Now, I don't need to tell you how awesome the '80s or Cameron Crowe are, so you shouldn't be shocked to know that I would give my favorite pair of shoes to have been able to see Say Anything on the big screen when it came out in 1989. Instead, I was running around in jelly shoes the size of a computer mouse.

For Halloween this year, I thought I should probably throw it back to the best decade ever. I had so many options: Lydia Deetz, Madonna, Ghostbusters with my BFFs, Punky Brewster--I could have gone on for days. But then I found something that would inspire the greatest Halloween costume of my life (although being Patti Mayonnaise is way up there)...

I'm talking about his boombox iPhone case by Zero Gravity. And then I knew. I knew I was going to be Lloyd Dobler for Halloween and every Lloyd Dobler needs a boombox.

I mean, I'm already going to have my phone with me, and who wants to carry around a real boombox (or risk getting beer spilled on their Lasonic TRC-931 ghetto blaster)? Not this girl. To complete the look, I'm definitely going for this tee, these kicks, and a trench coat from the vintage store around the corner. I might also have to attach a small blue car to my body, but I haven't figure that out yet.

So here's to hoping I see you all at a Halloween party this year, where I won't say anything--I'll just hold up my phone and start playing Peter Gabriel on repeat.

Zero Gravity Boombox Case - $24.50

Feather Hearts Bad News Babes Tee - $49

Creative Recreation Cesario Lo XVI Sneakers - $45