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This Is Either The Best Or The Worst Dating App Ever

Boompi is like Tindering with your friends watching…

Another week, another location-based dating app. Today we met Boompi, another matchmaking option at Apple’s App Store with a clever difference: It allows your friends to eavesdrop on who you’re chatting with and what you’re chatting about while you chat with them about your potential date. So chatty!

Yes, with just a swipe and a touch, you can share the profile of that cute guy you found with your friends. (As with so many of these things, same-sex relationships are not much discussed either in-app or on the company’s online FAQs). 

If you think about it one way, there’s a massive upside here: Not only is it valuable to share perspectives on a potential mate and get advice about what to say to them, the realization that any conversation is not entirely private might be a deterrent against harassment or other kinds of unacceptable behavior. Moreover, what if you’re friends know your match? Think of the dirt you could dig up. Also, let’s be honest, crowdsourcing your flirts just sounds awfully entertaining. Matter of fact, everyone does it all the time already by simply handing their phones to their BFFs.

The downside, of course, is that you’re crowdsourcing your flirting. Not only are these things sometimes best kept private but sometimes your BFFs just don’t want to see that junk (figuratively and literally). Oh, and the other downside, we really have to wonder if any man ever will sign up for an app that essentially puts him in a digital room alone with not only his potential date but all her friends. It’s terrifying if you think about it. Weird that a dude created it, right?

So, yes, Boompi is amazing, horrible, wonderful, and terrible. For more on all its little options and quirks, that don’t end with the eavesdropping option, visit here.

(via Techcrunch)