Shawn And Angela Will Reunite On ‘Girl Meets World’


by anna walton

Listen up all Shawn and Angela fans, your dreams are about to come true. After 14 years, the super adorable Boy Meets World couple is reuniting (this is not a drill).

That’s right, Trina McGee (a.k.a. Angela Moore) is making a cameo on an upcoming episode of Disney’s follow-up series Girl Meets World. If you're not already familiar, the comedy, which debuted in June, is centered on the life of Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter, Riley Matthews, and her best friend Maya as they navigate NYC. So far, the show has given appearances by Boy Meets World alumni like Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and Mr. Feeny and promises an appearance by Eric later this season. (Cory and Topanga are main fixtures on the show.) And it seems as if a Shawn and Angela reunion is the last ingredient left to put our nostalgia into overdrive and make this one kickass episode. 

Shawn (Rider Strong) has already made a few appearances on Girl Meets World, where he shows an undeniable interest in Maya’s mom. Of course, with the return of Angela, we’re prepared for Shawn to reconsider his potential love interests (we hope they get back together!).

For a little backstory: Shawn and Angela’s relationship began with Angela’s first appearance on Boy Meets World in season five. Their two and a half year relationship was a wild ride of on again off again that ended when Shawn decided to delay his proposal to Angela.

It’ll be interesting to see what Angela’s return episode has in store, since it’s been 14 years since Shawn was ready to propose to her. Their relationship may not have ended on the best note, but we’re hoping time apart has made their connection even stronger. Whether Shawn and Angela are able to rekindle an old flame or decide they hate each other, the episode, titled “Girl Meets Hurricane,” promises one hell of a reunion. Arm yourself with a box of Kleenex, and prepare for all the Shawngela feels.

Girl Meets World airs on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on Disney Channel.