good idea or bad idea: dude of the week lipgloss?

by liza darwin

Beauty inspiration can come from weird places (see: Barbie, Edward Scissorhands, absinthe). But our new discovery from Urban Decay might win the award for most ridiculous makeup ever... in a good way.

"Pocket Rocket" is a collection of eight lipgloss shades that come packaged in flat tubes designed to easily slip into your pocket, which is kind of brilliant. But the ridiculous part is how the cap of each color is stamped with a different hologram of a hot guy that "undresses" when when you move the tube under light.

There's "Doug," a sparkly-pink, "Colin," an orange-red, and "David," a mauve, among others, but we tried "Dustin," an iridescent nude (yeah, we felt weird typing this, too). Although we weren't fans of the sweet creamy scent, we liked how each opaque shade packed intense color and moisture without becoming overly sticky.

They might not be the best thing to whip out on a crowded subway train or at your family dinner (unless you're prepared for some strange looks), but these glosses are the perfect gift, party favor, or Dirty Santa contribution. Happy holidays, indeed.

Buy them at Urban Decay.