Meet Breeze Park, a Rap Group on the Rise

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Maybe if you spend your time trolling through Soundcloud you may have seen them. If not then you are officially behind on the new wave. Jay- R, CvmQuest, TySafari, and Rye have made a name for themselves in their hometown of Suffolk, Virginia, with a new generation of rap fans embracing their unique sound. Their diverse background adds to their musical creativity, pulling influences from around the globe with Jay-R, 18, born in Honolulu, HI, CvmQuest, 18, born in Augsburg, Germany, TySafari, 16, born in Landstuhl, Germany and Rye, 17, born in Dayton, Ohio. Talking to three of the member on the phone for an hour (TySafaari is still in highschool), it's clear that despite their young age these guys are here to stay, and with heavy hitters like Pusha- T and Pharrell cosigning them the are sure to dominate.

You all are from Virginia, How did you meet?CvmQuest: Basically it all started with Christian (Jay-R) and me, we grew up in a neighborhood by the name of Breeze Port, and we use to skate at this little park and we decided to combine the two to make Breeze Park. Ty (TySafari) and Christian (Jay-R) met in high school and me and Ryan (Rye) met in high school, but we went to different schools in Suffolk Virginia.

Tell us about Virginia, how was it like growing up around there?CvmQuest: MMMHHHH its pretty Quiet, to be honest. There’s not really much around here to do. That why we make music! We just wanna be positive and spread our message and get our music out here.

Was music apart of your family, growing up? CvmQuest: Go ahead RYE !Rye: HAHA, I wasn’t sure if you was gonna keep talking or not. We all have different musical Backgrounds you know. We all came to Virginia from different areas. Cam (CvmQuest) is from Germany Christian (Jay-R) is from Hawaii, Ty (TySafari) is from Germany, I’m from Ohio, we have very diverse background, but we all were drawn towards music and once we all linked up it was easy for us to make something really good. We got a lot of positive feedback from everybody we knew and it just went from there.

What’s the reaction from your hometown to your music?Jay–R: It’s fairly crazy for the most part. When we announce that we have shows, its pretty much an automatic response. We can post it online once and that’s it. People that we don’t even expect to come end up rocking with us and have the time of their lives and our fan base just keeps growing.

What can we expect next?CvmQuest: We got a project dropping in Early March called Stranger. We are currently shooting a video for our next single “Stay Up Late.”

We’ve been hearing whispers that a few labels are interested in you. Any plans to sign or are you staying independent?Rye: We’ve gotten a couple of nods from labels and taken a few calls but right now we are just coasting independently, working on perfecting everything that we’re doing and putting out good music.Jay-R: We want to please our fans first, and I think for now at least we grinding, we can do this ourselves. We got our own ambition.

I always hear horror stories about the music industry and shady executives taking advantage of new artists. With you being so young, how do you stay clear of that?Rye: We read our books, have good management and we got people looking out for us. Its not just us against the industry. We are working with people that got our backs.

What are you trying to bring to Hip Hop that all the people you just named are not already doing?CvmQuest: Just the fact that no artist should have boundaries. I feel like it's too stuck on one thing. I feel like you should be able to be extremely diverse with your art because you don’t want it to get played out after a while. We’ve seen that happen a lot.

What is your favorite city to perform in?Rye: Norfolk, for real. The energy from the crowd is the best and they all get pretty lit.

Any crazy concert stories?Rye: Yeah, definitely. We done some show were Ty (TySafari) was climbing up on the rafters and you know jumping into the crowd. Crowd surfing. He hurt somebody. He kicked him in the face.

How do the girls react to you being in a rap group?JAY-R: OH MAN.CvmQuest: They love us man. It's crazy because at the same time it's like when a lot of girls look at us they don’t expect us to rap that well because they think we’re like a boy band. For the most part they just love what they see. I mean, how could you not?

Anything else you want us to know about Breeze Park?CvmQuest: Sometime in March we will be dropping one of the best projects to ever come out in 2015 from an underground artist.

Text by Simone Archer