The Trailer For ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ Is Finally Here!

Stop, watch, repeat

The year 2016 is turning into a year full of comebacks, revivals, and major nostalgia. We thought we had it all once the Full House and Gilmore Girls revivals were confirmed, but then we heard about the possibility of Princess Diaries 3. Granted, not all of the rumors turned out to be legit—like the Beetlejuice sequel—but then again, it was too good to be true. Today, we can barely contain ourselves because the trailer for Bridget Jones's Baby has finally arrived. As one of our all-time favorite franchises of the '00s, it's a return that we've been waiting for more than a decade now.

Renée Zellweger personally delivered the trailer herself on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. (Prior to the release, Patrick Dempsey, who is joining the cast as one of Jones's love interests, teased the news on Instagram.) As the third installment in the series, this film revolves around Bridget Jones's (single) life as an expecting mum. Of course, the big problem this time is that she doesn't know who the father is so we'll be spending the entire movie trying to figure that out with her, but that's what makes it all the more intriguing. Of course, Colin Firth will be reprising his role as Mark Darcy and, as shown in the trailer, the movie will be full of little surprises like Ed Sheeran making a cameo in a bar.

Bridget Jones's Baby is headed to theaters worldwide sometime in 2016. There's no official due date yet so for now, we'll keep rewatching the trailer, above.