briu homme ss ’14: “human instrumentality”

A strong, dark debut…

by Christian Lavery


“It derives from a culmination of beliefs as a human entity,” says

Jonathan Briu

, the founder of the eponymous street couture label

Briu Homme

as he describes the inspiration behind his SS ’14 line. “Each individual look is a piece of instrumentality, leading up to the final stage of the project of human instrumentality” which fittingly acts as the name for the entire collection.

Debuting last year at NYFW with a smoky, powerful presence, the latest from Briu is officially launching in mid April—slightly elongated silhouettes matched by precisely proportioned layering and shirts that feature original art, the collection functions as an entity in itself, which wasn’t done by mistake.

You see, for Briu, Human instrumentality “is to create an existence where nobody exists singularly, but merely as part of the whole. In Instrumentality, the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others.” But flaws within the line are few and far between—and as for complementing the line itself, Briu is releasing a short film called “Fractured: Light & Void,” directed by Maps Glover.

Eerie, dark, and twitchy, the black and white visuals are set to a voiceover that raises questions about structure, composure, and change. Watch the short below to bring about your own interpretation, follow Briu Homme on Twitter


, and be sure to check out its online shop soon to get your hands on the showcased pieces.

[vimeo_embed // expand=1]

Fractured: Light & Void SS14' Film from Jonathan Briu on Vimeo.

-photos by Danny Roche