NGeeYL Is A Rapper Whose Name You Need To Know

Introducing 300 Entertainment’s BRKRS

by NYLON x 300 Entertainment

There’s a moment in every great musician’s career where they transform from rising star to household name—and independent record label 300 Entertainment is making sure that its best talent has that moment. For its new series, called BRKRS, the label tapped eight of its most promising rising stars and locked each of them in a room. Well, not really—but kind of.

One at a time, the artists were set loose in a single 10x10 room, tasked with the mission to make the space their own. Each artist was given complete creative control, with only a few lights remaining constant throughout the series. What resulted was a series of videos simultaneously cohesive and unique to each musician.

First up is rising rapper NGeeYL, who turned the BRKRS room into a monochromatic masterpiece for most of the music video, which accompanied his single “Bartel.” The room was lit in red for a majority of the video, while he and a background dancer dressed to match. In an interview with Shanté Cosme, he described his style as “a mix [between] 21 Savage and Young Thug,” but maintains that his sound was inspired by no one else.

NGeeYL grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he says his family struggled to make ends meet and was usually “living paycheck to paycheck.” Through it all, and inspired by his father, who also rapped, NGeeYL cultivated his musical skills, telling us that he had been dabbling in freestyle since his middle school years, but started rapping “for real” about a year ago. He told us that what motivates him is “the pressure of being a good, well-known rapper.” Seems like he just got one step closer to his dream.

Watch the first installment of the BRKRS series, above.