your first look at ‘broad city’ season 2

your favorite slackers are back.

Despite the many (many) efforts to capture exactly what it’s like to be a 20-something living in New York, only a handful of books, movies, and TV shows have managed to not only nail the Millennial generation and their “struggles,” but also do so with a comedic realism. Broad City is definitely one of those few.

In what started as a low-budget web series by comedians Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, with the help of Amy Poehler and Comedy Central, Broad City has developed a serious cult following with its weird anecdotes (agreeing to clean a autonepiophiliac stranger off Craigslist’s apartment with in their undergarments to earn money to see Lil Wayne, finding poo in a shoe, and heading over to the ultra-creepy North Brother Island to pick up a missed UPS package…) and ultra relatable characters (adorable little Lincoln, Jeremy—the crushable neighbor, and Bevers—the annoying pest you can’t escape). 

If the Season 2 trailer is any indication, the next 10 episodes are going to be amazing. With Seth Rogen acting as a love interest, more Lincoln, and an appearance (which will hopefully become a recurring role) by Orange Is The New Black$1’s Kimiko Glenn, this season is going to be “crunk.”