Here’s How Ilana And Abbi of ‘Broad City’ Are Celebrating National Smoothie Day

With lots of pent-up aggression

Did you know today is National Smoothie day? It’s also the first day of summer, Lana Del Rey’s birthday, National Selfie Day. It’s a lot of days. But back to smoothies, they’re great. In honor of the made-up holiday, the ladies of Broad City are celebrating with a new hack video.

In the short clip, the girls do their usual FaceTime thing and make smoothies with each other by way of technology. “Have we ever had such a healing tradition as this?” Ilana asks. “So healthy and so smart,” Abbi responds.

Abbi’s smoothie of choice involves some kale (massaged, obviously), blueberries, bananas, low-fat yogurt, ice, and some venting about Ilana’s chronic tardiness. Ilana’s, on the other hand, includes yams, blackberries, bee pollen, ice, coconut water (because she’s Rihanna, bitch), and, most importantly, maca. What’s maca, you ask? Abbi doesn’t know either even though Ilana tells her about it all the time, as we learn in her smoothie venting session.

You, too, can celebrate National Smoothie Day by airing grievances toward your best friend that are then masked by the sound of a blender. Watch the clip above. August 23, come faster.